TUAW Reviews the Chimani National Park app!

It’s almost summer, so thoughts turn to rock climbing, scenic vistas, maybe a geyser or a cool mountain lake. If you’re thinking of traveling to any of the 58 US national parks, or any of the places in the National Park System that include seashores, battlefields, recreation areas and more, I think the new Chimani National Park app is for you. The free iPad and iPhone app gives you an overview of the place you want to visit, interactive maps and some Wikipedia-based information. It also provides a to-do list, letting you mark where you’ve been and where you’d like to go. The app also provides a web link to the official site for each National Park Service-administered location.

I’ve previously reviewed the Chimani National Park guides that deal with some specific locations. This latest app is a much less detailed guide, but I was surprised to learn of national park facilities in my area that I didn’t even know were there. There is also an option to get a lifetime subscription to the National Parks Traveler News website for $1.99.