Chimani Brings Mobile Trail App to Maine’s Coast

iphones1Chimani, maker of the leading national park mobile travel app, today announced a partnership with the Maine Island Trail Association, a non-profit group that maintains America’s oldest recreational water trail, stretching 375 miles along the entire coast of Maine.

Chimani’s renowned user tools and ability to be fully usable without WiFi or connectivity make the platform the perfect choice for boating and outdoor enthusiasts as they explore MITA’s network of wild island and mainland sites.

User tools include:

•        Fully interactive, zoomable NOAA charts with GPS functionality (not for navigation)

•        A library of hi-res images to better identify sites and landmarks

•        Tide and sunrise/sunset information listed by region

•        Site-by-site listings you can comment on and use to read feedback from other users

•        Up-to-date MITA event listings and a direct connection to the MITA blog

•        All user tools available and fully functional WITHOUT network connectivity

MITA Executive Director Doug Welch explored many developer options for the app, but Chimani was the only one that MITA’s team knew would understand the group’s passion for promoting and preserving Maine’s legendary coastline.

“Chimani was the best option for MITA for many reasons, not the least of which is because they’re based right here in Maine,” says Welch. “We’ve been printing guidebooks, calendars, photos, and pamphlets for almost 30 years. Chimani’s app is so well designed, we can put all this content right into users’ pockets and communicate with them instantly if an island closes or specific rules change — that is very powerful. Easier access to information leads to easier access to these inspiring islands. Ultimately, these inspirations will allow us to steward the islands for continued recreational access by future generations.”

The MITA app is available for free download on both Android (Google Play) and iOS (iTunes App Store) devices. Everyone can enjoy the app’s core services, but the full user experience can only be unlocked by MITA members.

“We’ve always been known for what we offer users on land, so this was an exciting opportunity for Chimani,” says Chimani Co-Founder and CEO Kerry Gallivan. “Like any Mainer, I love our famous coastline and to offer a way for people to discover it in such a modern and unique way was something I’m thrilled to do. This app shows how versatile the Chimani technology is and I can’t wait to use it myself this summer.”

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