8 Ways Chimani Makes Your National Parks Experience Even More Awesome

family-pointing1Chimani’s mobile apps may be free (yay!), but that doesn’t mean they’re cut-rate. And while we don’t like to brag too much, fact is that our 19 National Park apps feature some pretty cool features — some cutting-edge, others just really handy when you’re out exploring.

Here are just a few of the ways Chimani can enhance your outdoors experience:

  • Go cell free: Let’s face it: once you get out of sight of the park visitor center, your odds of getting a cell signal drop significantly. That’s why we also build all of our apps to operate independently of cellular reception — even our maps — when it’s not available.
  • Pin it to win it: Speaking of maps, you can keep track of your travels by bookmarking your favorite spots as you go.
  • Save a tree: Mobile means no paper — and no bulky guidebook in your backpack when every ounce counts.
  • Whassappenin?: Park rangers and other experts lead hikes, talks, and other programs every day in the parks: our built-in calendars are constantly updated, so you’ll know what’s going on and where it’s happening whether it is today, tomorrow, or a month from now.
  • Getting pushy (but in a good way): You know what sucks? Showing up for your vacation only to find that park roads, campgrounds, or attractions have been closed due to fire, snow, construction, or other unforeseen circumstances. That’s why we stay on top of park news daily and send important alerts right to your app.
  • Virtual reality, dude: Discovery is more thrilling when you know what you’re looking at: the innovative Viewport built into every Chimani park app tells you what’s what when you point your device at a given landscape.
  • No billboards in the wilderness: Chimani doesn’t assault you with banner ads or full-screen takeovers, so when you’re looking for the right trail to take, you won’t have to fight through clutter to get the info you need.
  • Pretty park potties: When you gotta go, we’ll point you to the nearest restroom and tell you whether it’s a clean, modern facility with gleaming porcelain and chrome or a stinky vault toilet in a park campground.