Ursa Major Calls Chimani a Star!

ursamajorUrsa Major doesn’t just embrace nature when producing their “super natural” skin-care products, they also talk the talk in promoting a healthy lifestyle that includes spending lots of time outdoors. “The result is clear, comfortable skin – and hopefully a little kick in your step – so you can get out there and make the most of every day, or Live Major,” the Burlington, Vt., company says.

When stepping outside for a hike, Ursa Major says that Chimani’s suite of outdoor travel apps are among the best for helping “make the most of your time on the trail.” Other apps mentioned include divvi, Audubon Birds Pro, and AllTrails.

“Chimani’s free apps tap into your phone’s GPS, WiFi and interactive mapping technology to help you navigate U.S. national parks,” says Ursa Major’s Christine Mitchell Adams in an Oct. 19 post in the company’s ‘Blog Cabin.’ “From Zion to Acadia, Chimani’s apps allow you to share and review first-hand experiences of the park through photography, audio-recordings and trail highlights like sunrise/sunset times at viewpoints.”

Can’t “bear” to go another minute without Chimani? Check out our full suite of free downloadable apps on iTunes, the Google Play store or the Amazon app store.