Chimani is for Kids, Too!

A library may seem like the polar opposite of the great outdoors, but children’s librarians know that getting outside in kidsleavesSethLemmonsCC20the fall can enhance learning, from reading a book in a park to exploring the natural world described in the pages within. “The best way to experience the beauty of fall is to strap on your hiking shoes and venture to the nearest wooded park (or your backyard!),” says the Association for Library Service for Children.“Bringing along your smartphone or tablet, loaded with fall foliage apps, can enhance your exploration of autumn’s beauty.”

Chimani’s suite of free mobile outdoors apps, for example, “are a really fun way to explore various National Parks. They help you with planning your trip, letting you know when Ranger-led trips occur, and more. These apps work with or without WiFi or a data signal, which is especially helpful when you are out on the trail.”

Other apps, like Yankee Leaf Peepr and Leaf Snap, help kids keep track of the changing colors of fall and identify which trees have dropped the autumn leaves they collect for leaf rubbing and other activities. “You can pair these fun apps and websites with traditional activities for a great autumn library program,” according to the ALSC blog.

(Photo © Seth Lemmons/CC by 2.0)