Chimani Among Launch Partners for Google’s New App Indexing Tech

googlelogo_color_272x92dpFinding information found only on Chimani’s mobile apps and not online is now as simple as, well, Googling it, thanks to some cool new technology rolled out this week.

Google’s new App Indexing makes it possible to search for mobile data (like Chimani’s vast store of National Park related travel information) even if no matching web content exists. “Say you’re searching for info about a scenic drive near Arches National Park an acquaintance had mentioned, but Google is coming up short. If you had the Chimani National Parks app on your device, finding this info would likely be a breeze, but since you don’t have it (or even know about it), you’re out of luck. That is, until now,” reports PC Magazine.

Chimani is one of just nine launch partners for App Indexing, which also will offer users the option of streaming the entire mobile app from the Cloud or downloading to their device if they don’t already have it installed.

Chimani Yosemite hiking trail information in Google search

Chimani has been working with Google for months on the technology, along with fellow launch partners Hotel Tonight, Weather, Gormey, My Horoscope, Visual Anatomy Free, Useful Knots, Daily Horoscope, and New York Subway.

In a Nov. 18 story, Tech Crunch described Google’ new technology as “a move against the search giant’s potential obsolescence as the world of computing increasingly shifted off the desktop and to take place inside native applications running on consumers’ phones.” The article cited Chimani as among several launch partners that has app-only content, as opposed to companies that have simply migrated their online content to mobile.

“We want users to be able to have access to this content, regardless of whether it’s available on the web or in an app,” Rajan Patel, head of the app indexing team at Google, told TechCrunch. For now, App Streaming only works for Chimani and the apps created by the other launch partners, and on phones in the U.S. connected to wifi and running Android Lollipop or higher. However, Google has plans to expand the functionality further.

Streaming Chimani’s Yosemite guide from the Cloud

Working with Chimani, Google has indexed over 25,000 points of interest and events related to national parks and other outdoor destinations. “Visitors to national parks have fewer available printed resources; now they can access Chimani’s rich content just by doing a simple Google search, which ultimately helps ensure the best experience possible,” says Chimani CEO & Co-founder Kerry Gallivan.

So, the next time you search for National Parks information on the web, don’t be surprised to see Chimani’s content pop up — and if you like what you see, help yourself to one or more of our 19 free mobile guides by instantly downloading them onto your phone or tablet!


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