Chimani App Streaming Wows Android Experts

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“That’s so cool.”

Jason Howell, TWiT-TV co-host of the All About Android podcast, neatly summed up the experience of live streaming Chimani’s apps from the Cloud via Google’s new App Indexing/App Streaming technology during an interview this week with Chimani co-founder and chief technology officer Shaun Meredith. Focused on “the big news story this week” — Google’s announcement that content from apps produced by nine launch partners (including Chimani) can now be searched and streamed just like web content — the podcast saw the technology put to use live, to the obvious delight of the show hosts.

“Wow! That’s very user-friendly,” said Florence Ion of as co-host Andrew Martonik of Android Central demonstrated app streaming on his Android device. “It seems just as fluid as viewing a website, really,” commented Martonik.

Meredith, who said that Android users can now stream all 20 of Chimani’s free national parks apps via Google, noted that, from a user perspective, “The only difference between the installed app and the streaming version is the little “G” on the screen.”

Asked how Chimani came to be one of a handful of launch partners for Google, Meredith said that the company was one of the first to heed the search giant’s call for app producers to begin indexing their content. “A couple years later, Google called and said you began indexing within a few hours of that being announced, we’ve seen your app a lot because you did that, you’ve got great content, and you’re a mobile-first company,” recalled Meredith.

Google has done an excellent job of ensuring that app streaming remains a seamless experience by allowing the process to work only when users have sufficient bandwidth, said Meredith. When Howell wondered what incentive users would have to install the app on their device rather than just tapping the streamed content from the Cloud, Meredith replied that Chimani’s offline capabilities (the app works with or without a wifi connection) makes it invaluable when used in remote locations like the backcountry of national parks.

“People might plan their trip in a streaming environment, but if they are in the park … it will really help to have the app installed on their device,” said Meredith. “It’s truly a win/win for Chimani and Google.”

If then end goal is to get Android users to download the Chimani apps, “The best advertisement you can have for your app is that straight from search results you’re not taken to a web page … you can just instantly display [your app content] for people who are searching,” said Martonik.