Chimani Partners with Google to Fine-Tune App Streaming Technology

visual-appstreamingGoogle’s new App Streaming technology is a little bit like those samples you get in the supermarket on the weekends, offering a little taste of mobile apps like Chimani National Parks before you have to decide to download the whole, delicious travel guide.

App Streaming works by uploading each app’s data to Google’s servers, then streaming the app to users’ devices. The functionality is built into Google App, the primary search tool for Android devices.

Users who do a Google search for a term like “Yosemite waterfall,” for example, would see search results that might include the Lower Yosemite Falls entry from within the Chimani Yosemite National Park app. Tapping through to read Chimani’s Yosemite content would then present the user with the opportunity to preview the app and install, if desired.

Since all of Chimani’s apps are completely free to download, you might wonder why you need to preview when you can just install the app without any risk. That’s true — and we wouldn’t argue with this thinking — but the fact is that downloads take some time and bandwidth, and it’s at least a minor irritation if you decide you don’t like the app (gasp!).

As U.K. based independent gadget news and reviews site PocketLint recently explained:

“Let’s say you’re visiting Arches National Park and want to search for details about the scenic drive there. Well, the Chimani app will have all the information you need, but it would be a hassle to download the app and then search in Google.

“What’s the point of that right? You might as well just use the app and forgo Google Search altogether. Well, with this update, you’ll start seeing an option to “stream” some apps you don’t have installed, right from Google Search. You just have to be on good Wi-Fi.

“For instance, with one tap on a ‘Stream’ button next to the Chimani app result, you’ll get a streamed version of the app, so that you can easily find the information you’re looking for and even access other in-app features just as if you were in the app itself.

“In addition, if you like the app, Google will give you the option to install it.”

Not only does App Streaming take a few steps out of the test-driving process, it also allows you to quickly scan through the content of multiple apps online rather than downloading them one at a time. Again, as a publisher of 19 mobile apps, we think that’s awesome.

“We are a mobile-first app company with huge amounts of content related to the outdoors and national parks; our partnership with Google allows potential users to sample the richness we can offer without having the barrier of app installation to discourage them. This is a game changer for developers like Chimani,” says Chimani’s CEO and Co-Founder Kerry Gallivan.

As a Google App Streaming partner, Chimani will help demonstrate how Android users use the new functionality in Google App, including how often they preview Chimani products and how often users choose to download the Chimani apps. We’re confident the answers will be “a lot” and “most”!

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