Chimani National Parks: ‘Extraordinary and Exceptional’

The MacObserver has pegged Chimani National Parks as among three of the very best iOS apps on the market today.

“I’m the kind of guy who likes to buy a guidebook when I travel and I’ve got dozens of travel guides in my iBooks library to prove it. They’re OK for electronic renditions of printed books, but I’ve always wished they were more immersive and interactive. I recently discovered Natimacobserveronal Parks by Chimani, which is the most immersive and interactive travel guide I’ve seen,” writes “Dr. Mac” Bob LeVitus.

“With a clean, easy to use interface and lightning-fast searches, this app makes it easy to plan, navigate, and discover our national parks,” adds LeVitus. “Chock full of useful information, it’s thoughtfully designed to work with or without a network connection (including its maps), and provides detailed, useful information on more than 400 national park units.

“Best of all, it’s completely free and won’t pester you with in-app purchases.”