“Find Your Park”? Record Numbers of Americans Heed the Call

Visitors at the Grand Canyon’s Mather Point (Photo: brownpau/CC buy 2.0)

The National Park Service says that 2015 was another record-breaking year for park attendance, and with the hoopla surrounding the agency’s Centennial it’s likely that 2016 will see even more park visitors than the 305 million who came last year.

“The increasing popularity of our national parks comes as we are actively reaching out to new audiences and inviting them to explore the depth and breadth of the national park system,” says National Park Service Director Jonathan B. Jarvis, who credited the National Parks Foundation’s “Find Your Park” campaign for helping to drive up visitation numbers.

Here’s a fun fact: the NPS has recorded more than 13 billion park visits since it started collecting visitor data in 1904. The 2015 attendance was up an estimated 4 percent, or 12 million visits, from 2014.

Jarvis says that even with record attendance, park visitors can easily avoid crowds by traveling in the spring or fall or hitting the parks early or late in the day. “I can take you to Yosemite Valley on the Fourth of July and within five minutes get you to a place where you are all alone,” he says.

As the number of park visitors grows, Chimani has an ambitious publishing schedule for 2016 to build on our suite of more than 20 national park mobile app guides.

“The growth of Chimani continues to mirror what the entire national park system is experiencing,” says Chimani co-founder and CEO Kerry Gallivan. “As more and more people experience our country’s national parks, they continue to realize the need for reliable, curated content that is available on a mobile device with no cell connection required, so they can use the apps even when seeking solitude far from the most crowded, popular, and ‘civilized’ parts of the parks.”