Get on the Bus, The Chimani Bus

YVlogoWithBlueCircleTextHey, it’s not too soon to jump on the Chimani bandwagon: we’ve been thrilled to see a steady stream of positive reviews of our apps, including the latest from Yellow Van Travels, a family travel blog.

Blogger and travelers Ben Neilsen said he searched through the entire Apple App store for guides to Grand Canyon National Park in advance of his trip and settled on the free Chimani Grand Canyon app. “It was a great app experience and I will likely use more Chimani apps in the future because it was so helpful,” he writes.

“The app is full of useful sections detailing everything you can do in the park. It will tell you good places to stop in your car, where to picnic, and the all important water and restroom stops,” Neilsen says. “The app does many things, but its most useful features may be the section on the Grand Canyon shuttle routes and on the hikes … The shuttle section will show you every stop on the Canyon’s five shuttle routes and the (approximate) times they will arrive … The hiking trails section is also very helpful in getting details on the trails, their conditions, and length of time. This is information you will want to have and it is extremely convenient to have it in an app on your phone.”GCapp

Chicago Tribune Praises Chimani Great Smoky Mountains

Technology writer Terry Gardiner has written about Chimani before, and she’s a big fan of the Chimani Great Smoky Mountains app, as she details in a new review in the Chicago Tribune:

“This app is one of Chimani’s best national parks apps because it’s loaded with content for a variety of appetites, whether your passion is bicycling, fishing, hiking, seeing wildlife or car touring. The downloadable map uses your smartphone’s GPS to guide you when no Internet connection is available. The Augmented Reality Viewport works inside the park by using your phone’s camera to identify points of interest. In-app links and phone numbers help you do a variety of things, from reserving a campsite to booking a horseback ride.

“Chimani has anticipated almost every question with info about safety, ranger events, campsites and sunrise and sunset times.”

Official Smoky Mtn Picture (1)
The Great Smoky Mountains

All we can say is thanks Ben and Terry: We’re thrilled that you found the apps useful and we promise to keep making more of them — and making the ones we already have even better!