Rushmore, Petrified Forest and Joshua Tree: The New Chimani Apps Rock!

Chimani-MountRushmoreAs the National Park Service celebrates its Centennial, the three new mobile travel apps just released by Chimani are a testament to the remarkable breadth of experiences you can enjoy in the U.S. National Parks.

It sure has been a wild election year, and you can get in touch with America’s bedrock freedoms with a visit to Mount Rushmore guided by the new Chimani Mount Rushmore app, a comprehensive guide to this iconic National Memorial with information on every aspect of this compact park, including a audio guided walking tour.

Giant Logs, Petrified Forest National Park (Photo: NPS)

Sculptor Gutzon Borglum’s masterpiece, the images of four great U.S. presidents carved into a mountainside in the Black Hills of South Dakota, took 14 years to complete. But that’s a blink of an eye compared to the millions of years it took to render wood into stone at Petrified Forest National Park.

As the new Chimani Petrified Forest app shows, viewing the giant logs of petrified wood is just the beginning of the fun at this Arizona park, which also features spectacular views of the Painted Desert and an original section of the legendary Route 66 that you can explore.

Hall of Horrors, Joshua Tree National Park (Photo: NPS)

The Chimani Joshua Tree app makes it easy to find the prayerful yuccas at the southern California park bearing their name: groves of Joshua Trees are among more than 130 unique points of interest detailed in our guide to this popular park, which is dotted with lush desert oases, old mines, and otherworldly rock formations that are a beacon for climbers of all ability levels.

As always, these new Chimani apps are absolutely free and available for Apple iOS and Android devices and work with or without WiFi. Each includes comprehensive information for planning your park visit, from details on trails, camping, natural features and historic sites, to touring by car or exploring by foot or bike. Download the new Chimani Mount Rushmore, Petrified Forest, and Joshua Tree apps today and start planning your Centennial trip now!