Hacking the National Parks with Chimani

lifehackerPlanning a trip to the National Parks? Your best life hack could be this free, simple and easy: download the Chimani National Park app.

“Chimani lets you pick a park and shows you the activities, amenities, and points of interest all in one place to make the most of your trip,” says LifeHacker contributing writer Heather Yamada-Hosley. She notes that the main Chimani app includes information on more than 400 National Park Service units as well as links to more detailed, standalone apps on most of the larger U.S. National Parks, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, Denali, and Great Smoky Mountains.Lifehacker-logo

“You can even use the bulk of the apps offline (like the detailed site descriptions), so you can read about what you’re seeing, like historic sites, recreation areas, and monuments while you’re out hiking or walking around,” writes Yamada-Hosley. “If you’re trying to figure out which sites to visit, including historic sites or monuments that fall under the National Park system, you can use the app to compare the features of nearby parks. Once you’ve settled on a destination, you can dive into background details for that park and plan the specific spots you want to visit.”