How To Use Offline Maps When Visiting A National Park With Chimani

The following tutorial will show you how to take advantage of Chimani’s offline map feature when visiting a national park.

Before setting out to explore a national park, it’s important to know that the vast majority of national parks have little to no cell service or WiFi connectivity, making it difficult to find the information you need once within the park.

Here is where the Chimani apps come in. Before your trip, and while you still have connectivity, download the app for your desired park.

If this is your first time using the app, allow a few minutes for the app to sync the most up-to-date information before closing the app. If you’ve previously installed the app, simply pull down from the Main menu to force a sync, or refresh, the app, ensuring you have all the latest park information.

Now to access Chimani’s GPS-enabled offline maps, you’ll need to tap on the map icon. From here, tap into the top right corner. You’ll be given the option to download a minimal map or a full map, the minimal map gives you a basic offline guide. It is a smaller and will download quickly, while the full map is far more detailed and a larger file size that will usually take a few minutes to complete.

Once you’ve completed the download, you are now ready to get outdoors. Simply turn on your GPS, and go explore.

Remember, after your trip, you can clear your map download in settings, allowing you to free up space on your device.

Get started today by downloading the Free National Park apps at or in the Appstore, Google Play, or Amazon App Store.