Recap: National Junior Ranger Day at Acadia National Park


Chimani-Acadia-National-Park-Junior-Ranger-Day-2The Chimani team joined Friends of Acadia, Camp Beech Cliff, and the National Park Service on Saturday, April 30 for Acadia National Park’s Centennial National Junior Ranger Day event in Mount Desert, Maine.
The annual event allows children 12 and under and their families to get outside, get moving, explore, and discover how to protect Acadia’s nature and history. With the help of dozens of volunteers from the community, National Park Service staff, as well as performances by local school children and educators, the event was a great success on a beautiful sunny day.

Chimani-Acadia-National-Park-Junior-Ranger-Day-6For many National Junior Ranger Day attendees, the day began with the Friends of Acadia’s annual road side clean-up around the park. Hundreds of park supporters covered miles and miles of Acadia’s roads, removing trash and debris from the parks iconic drives.

Afterwards, the Junior Rangers and their families convened on the quiet side of Acadia for a day of outdoor activities related to the park.

Chimani-Acadia-National-Park-Junior-Ranger-Day-5Chimani, which has worked in partnership with Friends of Acadia to incorporate a digital version of the non-profit’s popular Acadia Quest scavenger hunt game into the Acadia National Park app by Chimani, set up a station with the Friends group to encourage families to get out and explore the parks many historical landmarks.

Much like the original Acadia Quest packets, park visitors can use the digital version of the game to explore the stories, people, and places that made Acadia the special place it is today. Participants can simply “check-in” from the various points in the Quest to receive a Verified Badge. Once all of the locations have been visited, users can visit Friends of Acadia to receive a free Acadia National Park pass for the upcoming season.

Acadia’s National Junior Ranger Day event was a fantastic kick off to the park’s Centennial year.

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