Apple Features National Parks App By Chimani In Time For Mother’s Day

Are you scrambling to find something fun to do with Mom this weekend? Mother’s Day is this Sunday and Apple’s iPad App Store Team thinks that taking your mom to a national park is a pretty great idea; we tend to agree!

IMG_1684The National Parks app by Chimani is currently being featured in the iPad App Store under the “Spend Time With Mom” category. The pop-up category shares the App Store home screen with “More Great Gifts For Mom” and “Games To Play With Mom,” creating a one-stop digital shop for last minute Mother’s Day shoppers.

Many of us were introduced to national parks by our mothers and fathers, so it seems a natural fit for park enthusiasts to return to these places with them. The National Parks app by Chimani, along with Chimani’s suite of over 25 individual national park apps can help you plan your trip, and explore the park with mom, without the need for a cell connection. This means more time to make memories, and less time fumbling with maps or asking for directions.

The National Parks app by Chimani is available for free in the Apple App Store , as well as the Google Play Store, and Amazon Appstore. Chimani’s suite of national park apps currently include over 25 individual apps, with all 59 national park apps available on June 1st.

Photo: Dave Sizer/CC by 2.0
Photo: Dave Sizer/CC by 2.0

Happy Mother’s Day! Do you have a favorite memory of visiting a national park with your mom? Share your photos and stories with Chimani on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!