Safeco Insurance says Chimani included in “5 Apps and Products Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Love”

Being in the insurance business allows you to gain a great deal of knowledge into how people live their lives. This includes how people spend their leisure time, and most importantly, how they can do it safely with the right tools and preparation.

outdoor-apps-1024x681 (1)Safeco Insurance has taken this knowledge and created applied it to a new article entitled: 5 Apps and Products Outdoor Enthusiasts Will Love.

The article dives into some key tools for outdoor adventurers to use to better prepare for their experiences. Coming in as the second item listed is the National Park app by Chimani.

The articles says “Chimani is a free GPS app that guides hikers and campers through more than 400 national parks and national monuments in the United States. The best part? The app can be used even if you’re outside cell range – no Wi-Fi or cell signal is required. With trail maps, sunrise/sunset times and other important information for many popular outdoor destinations, Chimani is a great adventure buddy.”

Also listed in the article are Luci® Outdoor Inflatable Solar LightGaia GPSAnker PowerPort Solar, and Badger Natural Bug Repellents, rounding out a variety of products that will enable explorers to better their outdoor experience.

Safeco Insurance wraps up the article by stating:

“Make the Great Outdoors Even Better

If you plan on heading into the wild this summer, having one of these apps or products in tow as part of your travel gear could be a great addition. These resources can provide direction on your trek, keep you well-connected and encourage exploration.

While these tools can help guide your venture, be sure to protect your property while you’re away – especially if you plan on being gone for a while. If something happens to your residence, such as certain weather damage, theft or vandalism, homeowners insurance could help cover restoration costs. If you don’t own your property, renters insurance helps protect the investment you’ve made in your belongings.”