Get Outside For National Public Lands Day!

Saturday, September 24th is National Public Lands Day. This nationwide celebration of the great outdoors is typically the wrap up to the warm weather season for most of the country. Now, in its 23rd year, National Public Lands Day is the nation’s largest, single-day volunteer effort for public lands. National Public Lands Day aims to work to connect people to public lands in their community, inspire environmental stewardship, and encourage use of public lands for education, recreation, and general health.

Photo: Chimani, Inc.

For families, friends, and neighbors across the country, National Public Lands Day events in all 50 states provide the opportunity to give back and thank our great outdoor spaces for another year of wonderful experiences. Activities typically include picking up trash from hiking trails, removing invasive species, and maintaining trails and facilities before winter.

Lovers of the outdoors can easily locate opportunities to volunteer at their nearby national park, state park, or local public lands by visiting: