Which National Parks are open?

Many of the national parks and their concessionaires are beginning to announce reopening dates. Needless to say, this season will be far from “normal”. It will be more important than ever to check on the status of parks before you head out to visit them, especially if you have reservations for lodging or camping. All … Continue reading National Parks Start to Announce Reopenings

Top 8 Podcasts for National Park Fans

With everyone staying at home these days, now is a great time to download a podcast to enjoy while you're doing work or preparing dinner. Perhaps surprisingly, there are a number of national park-related podcasts. During the 2016 National Park Service Centennial, there was a surge in the total number of national park-related podcasts however … Continue reading Top 8 Podcasts for National Park Fans

COVID-19 and the National Parks

Last updated: April 12, 2020 News about the national parks is changing daily. Below you'll find the latest information on some of the most frequently asked questions, as well as links to additional information and resources. Latest updates and related stories: Olympic National Park closes beaches, coastal areas Shenandoah National Park Closes Due To Coronavirus … Continue reading COVID-19 and the National Parks

The 6 Best National Parks For Winter Fun

It's no secret that America's national parks are the premier outdoor destinations in the US during the summer, but that in-the-know will tell you (or maybe not if they want it to remain a secret) that these amazing places take on a completely new look during the winter. Spectacular prairies becoming cross-country skiing paradises, pristine … Continue reading The 6 Best National Parks For Winter Fun

6 Perfect National Park Dates for Valentine’s Day

Looking for the perfect date for Valentine’s Day? Plan an excursion to your nearest national park. Offering up a one-of-a-kind experience before a stunning backdrop, it’s an ideal venue for a romantic date for two. From spa treatments to stargazing, read on to learn more about the national parks that will help you have the … Continue reading 6 Perfect National Park Dates for Valentine’s Day

5 Insider Tips to Visiting Yellowstone in the Winter

Have you been to Yellowstone National Park in the summertime? If so, you know it’s a popular place to be. Summertime in Yellowstone means good weather, longer days, and pleasant temperatures. On the flip side, it also means crowded campgrounds, congested roadways, and lots of people. In contrast, the winter months in Yellowstone are peaceful, … Continue reading 5 Insider Tips to Visiting Yellowstone in the Winter